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Tips to start Toilet Training

How to teach your child to use a potty?

  • Use easy clothing: clothes that are easy to pull up and down (gym pants) are the best. Avoid fiddly zips and buttons. Choose clothes that are easy to wash and dry. It can help to practise getting dressed and undressed. Let your child choose their own big girl or boy pants and practise wearing them to get used to the feeling.
  • Pick a potty! Let your child choose a potty/toilet trainer seat if you're going to use one. Keep it in the bathroom and let them practise sitting on it.
  • Keep it short: don't let them sit for too long on the potty or toilet, two or three minutes is fine. Keep some toys handy to occupy them while they sit.
  • Encourage boys to sit down to wee. They might also need a poo and sitting down will help them to go. They may empty their bladder better sitting down too.
  • Be consistent, let the nursery school and family know you are potty training. Advise them of your methods and the way you’re planning to do it so that you can work together consistently.  It really helps if everyone who cares for your child is doing the same thing.
  • Get into a routine. Don't ask your child if they need a wee or a poo as they might not know what this is to begin with. Call it 'potty time' or 'toilet time' and go every couple of hours.
  • Give lots of praise for each little step like sitting on the potty, washing hands and getting (un)dressed. Use a REWARD CHART with some special stickers  for extra encouragement. Charts are a fun way to take positive steps with potty training and show off your child's potty successes!
  • Be patient! Potty training is a skill which may take some time to learn, so don’t be surprised if there are lots of accidents to start with. Patience pays. Don’t give up!
  • Toddlers learn by imitation, so let your boy or girl WATCH "PRINCESS LILI POTTY TRAINING VIDEO FOR TODDLERS" and LEARN!!